Networking Tips for Tonight's LinkedIn Live Miami

Here are some tips for a successful LinkedIn Live event tonight at:

Cibo’s Wine Bar

45 Miracle Mile,

Coral Gables, FL 33134


 Networking Tip #1 Be Prepared: The great thing about LinkedIn events is that you know who will be there so you can make a note of who you would like to meet. Bring Business Cards. Practice your elevator speech – first impressions count. Get there early and leave late to maximize your time. We will provide name tags as long as you have registered.

Networking Tip #2:  Be a Stand Up Person:  Don’t sit down during the entire networking event.  Why? Sitting signals that you are having a private conversation, or otherwise busy with your blackberry.  Sitting should be reserved for serious conversations and follow up meetings.   Body language is important.  Don’t stand with folded arms.  Make eye contact and smile.  Even if you had a bad day!

Networking Tip #3: Ask me for an Introduction: Since I know most of the attendees, I will be more than happy to make an introduction. After all, that’s the point of LinkedIn Live. If you have just LinkedIn to me then be sure to come up and say Hello

Networking Tip #4:  Ask open ended questions and listen.  Connecting with like minded professionals can give you inspiration, insight and the inside scoop on emerging trends (and needs) within your industry.  Focus on having conversations and establishing a connection. 

Networking Tip #5:  Be a connector.  Be cognizant of people’s time.  After a few minutes (you will know when) introduce the person you are speaking with to another attendee that you believe will be of interest to them.  This will allow everyone time to meet as many people as possible.

Networking Tip #6:  Don’t sell:  Be real.  Be genuine.  Attempting to sell your product or service at a Networking event can backfire.  It is better to establish an interest and schedule a follow up meeting for a later date.

Networking Tip #7:  Follow Up.  This is where most professionals fall down.  You leave a networking event with a handful of business cards but never follow up.  A handwritten note is ideal but an email is just as good to schedule a follow up meeting.

See you there!


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