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I feel that it is my duty to write something about the changing Commercial Real estate market. During my real estate career, I have seen far too many people make their real estate decisions based upon poor information resulting in tremendous reversals of fortunes, foreclosures and, sadly, even suicide. On reading this, some may accuse […]

The title of this month’s Leverage Viewpoint comes from James Carville’s campaign slogan used during Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 Presidential Campaign. In the early nineties, America was celebrating the end of the cold war and the perceived success of the war in the Persian Gulf. Bush’s foreign triumphs had made him a favorite to be […]

The Miami-Dade County investment market continues to perform well even though investors are now demanding higher initial returns for greater perceived risk. This re-pricing of assets started in the summer of 2007 when risk became a reality with the collapse of the credit markets, economic contraction and an overall decline in the liquidity of real […]